We discussed some things that aren’t changing at Underwood Financial – namely how we continue to put the needs of our clients first.

There are changes happening though, and they are happening at a pretty fast pace. I’ve spoken with some advisors that feel we’ve experienced more change in the past three years than we have in the past 30. For a lot of advisors, this will prove to be too much for them, and they will choose to exit the industry. When I attend meetings, I’m definitely in a minority age group!

A lot of the changes are being driven by the regulatory environment right now. The compliance and regulatory obligations on advisors are far greater now than they have been in the past. At Underwood Financial we are excited about these changes: it will help to create a more positive outlook on the industry for those who have been in doubt, and it will help to highlight those advisors who truly are keeping the best interest of clients as their priority. Just like anything in life, there are individuals who pull ahead of the pack to finish strong; those who have worked harder, trained smarter, and utilized a team to create the best outcome. We strive to be in the lead pack – setting the pace and staying at the top of our game.

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